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Welcome Note

Welcome to Ocean Farm

Driving Directions - (you can't enjoy the farm if you can't get here!)

Click here for the pdf which should guide you to the doorstep.

The House: Troubleshooting

Ocean Farm has been well thought out and made to be as simple to operate as possible; however as with all properties, there are always tips that can assist.

Telephone Coverage: Great service from Optus and Telstra, weak Vodafone service.

WiFi: WiFi is available in all areas of the house, no password is required. If there are any issues with the network, the routers may need to be restarted. One router is located next to the tool box in the kitchen, one above the fridge, and one above the projector in the entertainment room. Try the kitchen router first, if this does not work, attempt the other two.

Internet Speed: The fixed wireless speed is generally good; however, it is the middle of the country so do not expect lightning fast speed. Please be a gentle on data usage.  

Music: The stereo is located in the living room cupboard to the right of the chimney. Connect your device to the stereo jack located on the bench. Set AMP to AUX. Volume is controlled via your device as well as the stereo system. Please be aware of the volume, if this is too loud the speakers may blow and a replacement fee will be required. 

Hot Water: Hot water on the farm runs off an instant gas system, not a mains feed, so big gas bottles are used as fuel. They can run out occasionally and need changing. If the hot water runs out during your stay, please excuse us. Gas bottles can be switched very easily – you may call Tom, your farm manager on +61 466 406 399 OR you may change the bottles yourself. Please see instructions to do so below.

1.     Gas bottles are located under the balcony on the ocean side of the property in line with the fire-place (a torch is located on the wall in the closet near the garage entrance if required.)    

2.     Switch off the electric power points to the instant on units on the wall.

  1. Find the two bottles that are currently open and screw closed the knobs so they are tightly shut (bottles look like BBQ gas bottles).

  2. Open the new gas bottles by unscrewing the knob on top and reposition.

  3. Switch the instant on gas units back on.

  4. Water should now heat up.

If you switch the gas bottles yourself, please text to Tom to let him know so he can order more gas - +61 466 406 399.

TV & DVD Foxtel: The TV & DVD player are located in the loft. Detailed instructions are found in the tray at the top of the stairs which contains the remotes. The TV screen is pull-down and is located in the window bay. Audio and Foxtel equipment are in the cupboard to the right at the top of the loft stairs (under the window). A selection of DVD’s are available to watch– please ensure these are put back in their corresponding cases after use. 

BBQ: The BBQ should be ready to go with a full gas bottle. If you run out of gas, a spare bottle can be found in the garage under the surfboard rack. Please clean the BBQ after use. 

Pool Heating: The pool is not heated due to environmental reasons - the power required to heat such a large volume of water is huge, and unfortunately there is not enough north facing roof space for a solar heating option.

Cattle: The cattle are all friendly and not dangerous. If they come running up to you do not worry, they are just curious. THEY WILL NOT HURT YOU. If you feel nervous, a loud “SHOO” and a wave of your arms should send them running.

Things to do on the Farm


5 Great walks from the farm in order of difficulty.

The Headland – A gentle stroll straight out the front door, down the driveway to the U-bend. Keep heading South straight along the grassy car track. The terrain is about as flat as it gets in the area, and you will experience great views along the way.

Rock Shelf Exploration – Head along the driveway, when you reach the U-bend continue South straight along the grassy car track. After about 75 meters, turn left down the next grassy track toward the ocean. At the bottom of the hill climb over the gate and onto the rock shelf. Head South to find a cave and amphitheater, or North if you are up for an adventure.

To Kiama – Follow the same grassy walking and ocean tracks as above, turn left at the gate to take the coastal walking track toward Kiama – the walk is approximately 1 hour each way. Spectacular views.

To Gerringong – Follow the same walking directions as the Kiama walk except turn right at the gate and head toward Gerringong. Either stop at Werri Beach, continue the walk along the beach, or head one street inland to get to Fern Street.

Rainforest Exploration – Head to the rainforest and do your own exploration. This is a long-sleeved shirt and hiking boots style of walk. Dangers include ticks, leeches, steep hills, loose rocks and stinging-nettle trees. To reach the rain forest head North of the house down to the dam in front OR to the point marked X on the map.

Bird Watching  

Over 40 species of birds have been noted on the farm (you’ll find these in the bird book on the living room shelf). If you consider yourself a watcher and identify a new one, feel free to note it down along with your name, time and conditions. * House rule: it must be identified by at least TWO people for it to count!


There is good rock fishing on the bay. The Southern shelf is easier to cast, however its likely you will still lose tackle. The Northern shelf is a long cast, but bigger fish. Always take care while fishing on rocks, it is a dangerous sport and should only be done by those with experience.


Several times per year the Northern Break makes an appearance right out the front - when it does it is spectacular and BIG (NE swell, long period, with some Westerly wind). Surf at your own risk as the wave is heavy, but so much fun if you make it.

Things to do in the area

Cute Local Towns


Berry is a 15-minute drive from Ocean Farm. If you like your towns cute and quaint with ample bakeries selling delicious treats, and small shops selling unique and quirky items, then Berry is the place for you!


A tiny little town with a long beach. Great for younger kids to play in the sand, or to walk along the hard-packed beach – for miles. Gerroa is a 7 to 10-minute drive South of Ocean Farm.


Jamberoo Action Park

Just 15 minutes from Ocean Farm, Jamberoo comes highly recommended by friends with children who will drive from Sydney just to go there.

Jamberoo: https://www.jamberoo.net/

Illawarra Flyway 

A 25-minute drive from Ocean Farm and wonderful place to visit if you are staying for a week or so on the property. Illawarra Fly offers native tree top walks and zip lining amongst other things.

Illawarra Fly: www.illawarrafly.com.au.

Wine & Spirits


The South Coast is not famous for its wine. If we are honest, you are better off saving wine tasting for the Hunter Valley, South Australia, or Mudgee. If you are desperate though, we suggest Coolangatta Estate (20 mins drive) or Crooked River Wines (10 mins drive).

Coolangatta Estate: https://www.coolangattaestate.com.au/

Crooked River Wines: http://www.crookedriverwines.com/


The Siding distillery in Gerringong is a recent addition to the area. Formerly a dairy co-op the space has been transformed into function rooms and a cellar door showcasing their own distilled whiskey, rum and vodka, organic champagne, craft beer, and wine.

The Siding Distillery: https://www.instagram.com/thesidingofgerringong/?hl=en

Local Beaches

Bombo Beach

A lovely beach just north of Kiama. The Northern end is protected from the North Easterlies and has a relaxed, calm atmosphere. Watch out for rips on large surf days.

The Farm

A picturesque beach about 25 minutes from Ocean Farm. We’d say this is one of the prettiest beaches on the coast, however it is difficult to find – put “Buckleys Road, Shellharbour” into your GPS to locate with greater ease.



You want hills, you’ll get hills. Park at Kiama, head to Albion Park and then Robertson via the Macquarie Pass. Grab a bite and then head back to Jamberoo and Kiama via the Jamberoo pass (very steep and pretty). If your feeling strong carry on to Kangaroo Valley, up Berry Pass, into Berry, then back to Gerringong via Gerroa on the back road. We suggest taking the train from Gerringong to Kiama so you don’t need to ride on the Princes Hwy.

You can also find all the hills you want in Kiama / Saddleback, or drive to Berry and hit the hills to Kangaroo Valley and beyond if you wish.


Kiama Blowhole

The Kiama Blowhole can spray water up to 25m in the air (given the right sea conditions). If a big Southerly storm rolls in then you might want to venture to the South end of Werri Beach, Gerringong to watch. Park in the carpark and walk along the grass further South for best viewing.


Spa Treatments

Yes, you read it correctly. Massages, treatments, facials etc. delivered to Ocean Farm for you and your guests. Ocean Farm has partnered with Team Spa to take care of your beauty and relaxation needs. All guests receive 20% off the regular rates.

Team Spa: www.teamspa.com.au / 0431 282 307

A similar service is also available through Pamper me.

Pamper me: www.pamper-me.com.au

Eating Out

If you are looking for Michelin stars, three hat restaurants, or fine dining, this probably isn’t the area for you. That’s not to say you can’t find some GREAT food. Good food in the area is on the rise with several new venues opening up. A few recommendations, and some of our favourites are listed below.

Breakfast / Lunch

Hungry Monkey – Kiama: Good coffee, great burgers, and honest reasonable prices. Locally sourced ingredients.


Coffee from the Hungry Monkey.

Coffee from the Hungry Monkey.

Flour Salt Water -  Kiama: Delicious desserts, breads, cakes, and sweet treats. Definitely not your usual country town baker -  a little more artisan (think Bourke St. Bakery).


Berry Sourdough Bakery – Berry: Possibly the best breakfast in the area, as well as excellent breads and cakes - the apple tart is a must. Be prepared, the bakery can get slow and busy if you leave it too late!                                                                    http://berrysourdoughcafe.com.au

Blue Espresso Bar – Gerringong: For your coffee fix! These guys are utterly serious about their coffee.


SOUTH on Albany – Berry: New to Berry and serving up delicious modern Australian cuisine made with local seasonal produce. Just a small restaurant and only open for lunch on weekends so make sure you book in advance.


The Blue Swimmer at Seahaven – Gerroa:  Well thought out food with a sophisticated menu and wine from a real bottle. You’ll find the Blue Swimmer at the bottom of the hill opposite the footbridge. A friendly and relaxing dining experience on the Gerroa foreshore. 



The Blue Swimmer at Seahaven – Gerroa:  See Above


SOUTH on Albany – Berry: See Above


Zoobs – Gerringong: PIZZA – and not a bad pizza either. Our recommendation is to just stick with the Pizza though.

Silos Estate – Berry: Set on some picturesque vineyards and with seasonal menus that celebrate the regions fresh produce. Online reviews are good, however we have heard mixed reviews.


The Gerroa Fishermans Club – Gerroa: Casual venue serving classic food - BIG schnitzels, COLD schooners, and a chance to win a fish tray at the raffle. In and out quickly with good parking, and plenty of TV’s to watch sport.


Something Sweet

Berry Chocolatier – Berry: Need we say more? All things chocolate found here.


Il Locale – Berry: Hands down some of the best ice cream you will try. Locally produced, and a range of delicious flavours - great coffee here too.


Local Shopping

Groceries and general supplies:  Gerringong IGA is a medium sized supermarket with most items available. Fruit, veg and meat are all fine here, although not the farm fresh produce you can find elsewhere. You will find all other essentials here.

A second option is Kiama Woolworths - bigger variety but more difficult to park. There is also a good fruit and veg store next door.

Meat: The best local butcher is Adam’s Meats on the North-Eastern section of Gerringong. Premium quality meat and very good eggs. Adams shuts around 1pm on Saturday and you won’t see him again until Monday, so make sure you are organised.

For the best meat in Sydney (in our humble opinion) stop at Pino’s Meats in Kogarah. It is directly on the way from the Sydney and has exceptionally good quality meats. Directly opposite is a Fruit and Veg shop also selling fresh quality produce. In theory, you could do all your shopping en route to the farm.

Alcohol: You’ll find both a BWS and a Little Bottler in Kiama. Lots of other small bottle shops around the local area.

History and Facts: Ocean Farm

Ocean Farm consists of 180 acres of grazing and dairy farming land. The land spans 1km from Werri Beach North to the area in front of the main house and then back to the highway. 

200 years ago, the land was densely forested with Cedar trees which the first Europeans duly harvested around 1830. Since then, the land was used for growing wheat (unsuccessfully), and then for dairy, for which it is well suited, with regular rainfall, rich soil, and proximity to market.

The land is farmed by the Miller family who have lived in the area for nearly 200 years, while the farm is owned by the Burrell family who purchased the property in 1983.

The original house for the farm is located to the left as you drive in near the sheds. This house was occupied by the Millers for 93 years until 2016 when new neighbours, Katie and Ryan, moved in, breathing fresh life into the house.

The current house was commissioned by Sir Raymond Burrell and his wife Lady Burrell in 1983 and was designed and built by renowned Sydney architect, Espie Dodds.  The original brief for the house was to represent a series of small farm buildings clustered together while still being practical and usable as a weekend house.

The farm has been run and managed by Drew Burrell since 2005. Drew implemented a series of changes and upgrades to the property including the spectacular pool, which was built in 2009. William Zuccon, the architect who designed the pool coincidently worked on the house in 1983 as one of his very first jobs.