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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Rental


Ocean Farm is my family holiday home. It is full of quality furniture and possessions, many of which I have very fond memories. So the over-riding request is that you treat Ocean Farm as if it was your home.
It is with sadness, but with necessity learned over time, that I have to get guests to agree to follow these binding terms and conditions prior to booking:

  1. Check-in is no earlier than 3pm on the date of arrival. (unless otherwise arranged). Please telephone the manager an hour before you arrive and an hour before you depart so that they can lock and unlock the house and turn the alarm off.

  2. Check-out is no later than 10am on the day of departure. (unless otherwise arranged). It takes 2 people 5 hours to clean the house and we need you to be out by 10 as the new guests will be arriving at 3. Late checkout will result in a fee of $500 per 3 hour block.

  3. Guest Numbers: No more than 12 people in the house at any one time unless otherwise agreed in writing. (strictly enforced). Penalty $500 per guest per day.

  4. Smoking - No smoking inside the house. Please dispose of cigarette buts responsibly - not in flower pots or over the balcony. Any cigarette butts collected will be subject to the excess cleaning policy above (see point 7.) If there is any evidence of smoking inside the rooms we have a strictly enforced fine of $300. No exceptions.

  5. Furniture: On departure, furniture must be left in the same location in which it was found. Failure to leave the furniture in the correct place will result in a furniture replacement charge at a rate of $100 p/h.

  6. Driving: Stick to the road. Driving off the road or driveway will result in a penalty of $500 per offence.

  7. Towels: White towels are to be used inside only. Beach towels are provided for outdoor use. White towels are easily stained and while we realise some dirt etc will occur with use, excessive and obvious use outdoors will result in a replacement fee of $100 per towel.

  8. Excess Cleaning: We expect and encourage a fair level of use during your stay. However, in line with the "respect" motto, please do not leave Ocean Farm filthy. Eg. Children's fingerprints on every window, uncleaned spills etc. Dishes must be done and the house must be reasonably tidy. Excessive cleaning will result in a charge of $75 per hour.

  9. Damages: Dishes get dropped, glasses broken and spills happen. I expect that and this is not a problem. I do have a problem with items that have lasted my family for 25 years getting smashed through misuse or out of control children. Also, if you break something please let us know.

  10. Furniture: Furniture that is damaged or broken through will be repaired or replaced at the renters cost plus a 15% admin charge.

  11. Art and objects: Smashed or broken objects will result in a replacement or repair charge plus 15% admin charge.

  12. Children: children are your responsibility. Any damage caused by children will be treated as if it were by an adult.

  13. Pets and livestock are not allowed onto the Farm or in the house. This is a safety and liability issue.

  14. Balconies - Ocean Farm does not have balustrades on the decks. This is visually stunning, but it can pose a fall risk and a danger for all – especially for children and intoxicated individuals. Please see photos on our website for illustration.

    By agreeing to this document, you and your party accept all liability for anyone who through their own actions falls off the balconies. If this condition worries you then please do not accept this booking form.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges will apply as follows:

·       Up to 6 weeks in advance - no charge;

·       2-6 weeks notice - 50%

·       Less than 2 week's notice - 75% accommodation charge as booked;

·       Less that 1 week's notice - 100% of accommodation charge as booked;

·       after stay has commenced - full accommodation charge as booked;

·       no show without any notification - full accommodation charge as booked.