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Booking your stay

When you are booking, you are booking the whole house - just for you, your friends and family. The rate does not change if you are 2 people or 12 people.

Using the booking button below, select your arrival date, your departure date and the price will appear below. Availability is live, you can book instantly.

Prices vary a lot between seasons. Weekdays are about half the cost of weekends.

We provide all linens, soaps and things that will make your stay comfortable. You will need to bring food and any small items that you can’t do without for your stay.

If you have any questions, please contact stay@oceanfarm.com.au

To book

Click on the date you want for arrival - many weekends are available - even though they looked booked - sorry for the confusion. Please contact stay@oceanfarm.com.au with any questions


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