Welcome to Villa Nava.

This is my home in Bali and I am pleased that I can share it - and Canggu with you. 

A couple of things to know about the Villa.

The address is: Canggu Premium Residences 14, 50 Pantai Berawa, Canggu. Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/rd3TQJKp2UL2

The road the villa is on does not show up on Google Maps. This is painful as it is how most people navigate around here. The villa does show up on Waze though! 

To help you find the place on your first trip, here is a map:

Wifi password: Villanava2014

Contact Details

whatsapp works best for everyone here. 

Irna - Cleaner and sometimes can do minor shopping and fruit etc. You will see her day to day. Her english is OK. +62 812 466 83868

Agus - Villa manager. He is the guy to contact if Irna cannot help. +62 819 360 41119

Hints and Help

The house more or less explains itself... but there are a few quirks. 

Security: I leave my bedroom open at night and during the day. This is not a guarantee that things will be safe, but so far it has worked fine for me. We are in a secured area with workers around a heap of the time. 

Gas cooking: If there is too much wind the gas tops blow out. Just roll down the blinds and it should help.

Stereo: I have Sonos hooked up. Please download the app to your phone and it will work well. 

TV: We have cable TV and also a Chromecast - so that you can broadcast Netflix and your computer screen to the TV. 

Safe: We have a safe in the guest room. Use it if you feel the need.

Power and AC: For environmental reasons I ask that you turn the AC off when you are not using the rooms. 

Mobile Phone: Get a local SIM. $5 for a heap of data and $5 for voice. They will set you up opposite the boom entry gate at the entry. Telkomsel is best. 

GoGek: they deliver food from most restaurants for $1. Well worth it. 


Eating and Entertainment

At the time of writing (Nov 2016) there are 1000 cafes and restaurants in the area. Explore and find some at your leisure. However, these are my favourites in no particular order:

Switch - great casual takeaway sandwich (especially the Poc.)

Milk and Madhu - just like back in Byron. Amazing Pizza. 

Finns - great sunset drinks if you want western and posh. 

707 Bar - great sunset drinks in the sand... (i prefer it to Finns often.)

Green Ginger - Vegetarian.

Shady Shack - breakfast or lunch on the other side of the shortcut.

Deus on a Sunday night - great music and it is a SCENE.

Canggu Club - the cards will give you 50% off food and drink after 5pm. Not a bad civilised option.

Supermarket: Popular Deli, just down the road towards Seminyak. Just like home, but more expensive.

Bread: Parisian Bread shop, next to Popular Deli. Get the baguette...every day!

Chocolate: on the other side of the Popular Deli is a very small and amazing chocolate shop. Do it!

Drop me a note if you want any other suggestions. 



If you feel that Irna has gone above and beyond then please feel free to give her a tip at the end. $3-$5 per day would be amazing for her. 

There is no need to tip at restaurants. 

That is all I can think of at the moment. Have a great stay and I wish you a wonderful holiday in Canggu.